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We are a dealer for MAX USA CORP., manufacturer of printing equipment for creating safety signs, labels and electrical wire and tube marking. Their printers facilitate time and cost savings and improve your work processes. Create signs and labels on demand when you need them! Please contact your local PTS Branch for details or go to: www.maxusacorp.com/sign_marking

Sign & Marking Solutions

Meet your sign and label needs in real-time, by printing in-house with the MAX Bepop CPM-200GU printing system. It can print in vivid full-color using four specialized process color ink ribbons (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black). For the first time you can print and cut combinations of photos, illustrations and text all on the same 8 inch wide vinyl.

CPM-200GU – 8 inch wide + 4 color process Label Printing & Cutting Machine

The MAX Bepop CPM-100G3U has virtually limitless applications and is used by companies all over the world! From high schools and train stations, to factories and space programs, everyone has found a use for our custom marking system. The MAX Bepop system combines a high precision cutter-plotter with durable thermal printing technology. In other words, it cuts and prints your design... and it looks good!

CPM-100G3U – 4 inch wide Label Printing & Cutting Machine

Custom signage and labeling is often a necessary and expensive part of any business. However with the MAX Bepop system it is not necessary for it to be expensive! Printing custom labels and signs in-house with the MAX Bepop system can save you money by eliminating waste and decreasing purchasing costs.

The MAX LETATWIN LM-550A has an enhanced feeding and half-cutting system that provides you with marking speed at 40mm/second. Professional choice for your cable marking job!

LM-550A – Electronic Lettering Machine

Save Time, Save Money, Improve Processes