Our customers’ need for industrial leading Electrical Services has driven us to be more than just a parts supplier. We are here to design, build, integrate, and install a multitude of systems to enhance and simplify your company’s production capacity. Our position as the distributor, and the integrator, gives us a unique and powerful combination in today’s competitive environment.

  • Full Service Electrical Integration

  • UL508A Industrial Control Panel Design and Build

  • Installation Services

  • Programming Services

  • Engineering Support Services

  • Hardware and Component Specification Services

  • In-House System Testing Services

Integrated Electrical Services and Support

From technical support calls to integrated solutions, our highly skilled technical services group includes: Application Engineering, Controls Engineering, Manufacturing, and Installation Services, just to name a few.


  • PLC & HMI

  • Motion & VFD

  • Electric & Pneumatic Actuators

  • Robotics

  • Machine Control

  • Andon Systems & Data Collection


  • Existing Program Modifications

  • From Scratch Developments

  • Troubleshooting

  • Field Service

  • Emergency Field Service


  • Electrical and Controls Engineering Support

  • Installation Support

  • Integration Support

  • Programming Support

  • Product Specification and Technical Support

  • On-Site Support

  • Start-Up Support

  • Post-Sale Support


  • Automotive

  • Medical

  • Food & Beverage

  • Consumer Goods

  • Military

  • Logistics

  • Material Handling

  • Bowl Feeding

  • Waste Water

  • Municipalities

  • Veterinary Services

Electrical Drawings & Packages


  • Cover Sheet

  • Index

  • Manufacturing & Installation Notes

  • Cable layout reference

  • Network Layout

  • Internal & External Panel Layout Drawings

    • Layout Drawings include terminal
      block rotation tag and complete bill of
      materials list.
  • Detailed Schematics

  • Clearly Labeled
  • Wire Gauge Sizes

  • Colors

  • Voltage Ratings

  • Manufacturer Part Numbers

  • Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR)

  • NFPA Naming Conventions


Our drawing packages are designed using the latest AutoCAD Electrical software. We plan, structure, and finalize with the end-user in mind.

Our engineering team works closely with our panel shop and quality department to ensure red-lines and modifications are updated before final testing and shipment.

Our drawings are also structured for easy revision handling and accommodate for future modification, expansion, and retrofits by our staff or the end-user.

Field Service Reports

Precision Tools Service strives to instill confidence in our customers through exceptional automation solutions. As a part of this continual effort, our team provides a detailed Field Service Report at the culmination of their work done on site.

Whether an engineer or another team member provided your service, we will clarify the work done and all associated charges before invoices are sent.

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