WHY USE PTS AMR Solutions?

Maximize Your Factory's Efficiency

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) provide a powerful solution for manufacturers looking to streamline production and boost efficiency. Utilizing AMR technology removes non-value-added activities from the workflow and keeps your lean manufacturing processes moving quickly!

As a Strategic Partner of Omron, PTS has expertise in providing the most appropriate Omron AMR solutions for your industrial automation needs, including integrating autonomous mobile robots into existing systems. In partnership with PTS, customers can benefit from our extensive knowledge of advanced automation solutions for increased efficiency and safety.



PTS's partnership with Omron has enabled us to become experts in industrial automation and provide our customers with world-class solutions that can help streamline their operations. Together, we have created robust and reliable AMR solutions that can efficiently execute various industrial tasks. Our team of experts is well-versed in Omron's technology, allowing us to provide clients with the best possible services for their automation needs. This level of specialization allows us to deliver optimal performance while minimizing costs and ensuring consistent quality across all applications.

In addition, they offer comprehensive after-sales service packages and training programs so that customers can get up and running quickly! Omron and PTS provide unbeatable solutions for businesses looking to deploy AMR systems and solutions into their daily operations.

Suitable for Every Need

PTS Top Modules for Omron AMR’s

PTS and Direct Conveyors

A Next-level Combination

Precision Tools Service, Inc. has partnered with Direct Conveyors, a leading manufacturer of industrial conveyors specializing in modular designs, enabling quick and easy assembly of conveyors and custom AMR Toppers. Through this partnership, Precision Tools Service, Inc. can offer its customers a wide range of industrial conveyor and AMR Topper solutions that meet their specific needs. Direct Conveyors' modular designs allow for fast and easy configuration and assembly, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. Precision Tools Service, Inc.'s distribution and engineering expertise, combined with Direct Conveyors' innovative designs, will enable both companies to provide customers with cost-effective solutions that improve their operational efficiency. With this partnership, Precision Tools Service, Inc. and Direct Conveyors are committed to delivering exceptional value and customer satisfaction.

Maximize The Power of AMR

Using ROEQ's Plug and Play software and a variety of convenient top modules, carts, top rollers, lifters, and racks, you can unleash the power of autonomous mobile robots (AMR) to perform multiple tasks and workflows easily, efficiently, and safely in your warehouse or production line. ROEQ's solutions help humans and robots work safely and efficiently, taking care of workers and products. To learn more, select an AMR robot or view our solutions.

Suitable for Every Need

The PTS 2022 Catalog

Precision Tools Service boasts a product catalog that covers a wide range of needs. Our diverse assortment allows us to provide the right solution for a variety of industries and applications. Whether you require industrial conveyors, AMR toppers, or other specialized equipment, we can meet your needs. Because we understand the importance of meeting specific requirements, our products are designed with precision and reliability in mind. Whether you are looking for a standard solution or require customization, we are committed to delivering exceptional performance and exceeding your expectations. With our comprehensive product offering, we cater to a diverse range of industries and are well positioned to provide the ideal solution for all of your needs.

PTS Omron AMR Solutions

Automate Your Manufacturing Process

Gain a competitive advantage and reach your manufacturing goals with the assistance of our experienced team. Our specialized expertise will provide you with the AMR products and knowledge needed to dominate any industry!


Maximize Factory Efficiency

Optimize Efficiency

1. Smart Work Assignments

Reduces wasted time and travel by always looking ahead to predict which robot is best positioned for the next task.

2. Controlled movement

Smooth operations in congested environments by coordinating traffic flow and efficiently picking up and dropping off passengers at target points.

3. Traffic Control

Inform the converging robots of the predicted paths so that they can recalculate and avoid collisions in the most efficient manner.

Maximizing Uptime

4. Automatic Update

Automatically perform updates on all vehicles.

5. Charge Management

Tracks the battery level of the aircraft and directs the robot to the nearest docking station.

Increased flexibility

6. Easy Integration with IT systems

Fleet Manager can be connected to MES, ERP, and WMS to automatically communicate tasks to vehicles in real time.

7. Skill Management

Understand the capabilities of each vehicle in the fleet and ensure that the right job is assigned to the right robot at all times.

Omron's mobile robots are fundamentally designed to serve human workers.

Designed to meet the latest industry requirements, our mobile robots work in concert with people to promote a safe work environment. Safety lasers and sonar allow the robot to detect obstacles in its path and prevent collisions.

Safety Features

  • Easy Add E-Stop

  • Avoids stationary and moving obstacles

  • Conforms to ISO EN1525, JIS D6802, ANSI B56.5 safety standards

Medium-sized machine in OMRON's mobile robot series

Omron has introduced the LD-250, a mid-size mobile robot with a payload capacity of 250 kg.

The LD-250 builds on the technology used, tested, and proven in the industry-leading LD-90. Customers will be able to load more loads onto the robot, transfer heavier batches less often, and ultimately perform more work with less equipment.

The LD-250 works seamlessly with Omron's integrated mobile fleet to optimize traffic management, battery management, and vehicle routing for a more diverse fleet.

Introducing the most powerful mobile robot family in OMRON's history

OMRON Corporation announces the HD-1500, its newest automated transfer robot with a payload capacity of 1500 kg.

The HD-1500 can automate tasks conventionally performed with forklifts. The HD-1500 can also automate tasks previously performed with forklifts, reducing the risk of injury.

The HD-1500 works seamlessly with the integrated Omron mobile fleet to provide customers with more choices in terms of developing the most customizable mobile solution for their plant.

Key Features

  • 1,500 kg load capacity

  • Based on proven technology used in the LD Series

  • 360° safety coverage with LiDAR technology

  • Full charge in 35 minutes

  • Rugged metal design can handle heavier impacts and more demanding tasks

Omron HD-1500

Heavy Load Capacity

OMRON Corporation is pleased to announce its latest HD-1500 automated cooperative mobile robot with a payload capacity of 1500 kg.

The HD-1500 can automate tasks conventionally performed with forklifts.

The HD-1500 can also automate tasks traditionally performed with forklifts, reducing the risk of injury, in that it works seamlessly with the integrated Omron mobile fleet to develop the most customizable mobile solution for your plant. The HD-1500 provides customers with more options than ever before.

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