We are a dealer for MAX USA CORP., manufacturer of printing equipment for creating safety signs, labels and electrical wire and tube marking. Their printers facilitate time and cost savings and improve your work processes. Create signs and labels on demand when you need them

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MAX Bepop Sign & Label Creating System

MAX Letatwin Tube & Printer

The MAX Bepop CPM-200GU 300 DPI printing system is a very powerful tool to meet all your sign and labeling needs. The only thermal transfer printer in the marketplace that combines 8” width, 4-color process print capabilities and an integral plotter cutter. No need for keeping inventory of different size labels because the printer cuts the shape for you. Improved software reads smart chips in the ribbon rolls so operator can’t print jobs that don’t have enough material left on the roll. Having this printer/cutter at your facility is like having an in-house sign shop!

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The MAX Bepop CPM-100HG5 has all of the capabilities of the CPM-100G5, but with two key additional features that make it an extraordinarily useful printer! Upgraded to 400 DPI and with the capability to print 4-color process photos and logos, you can expand into new applications and markets such as colorful electrical cable wrap and wire marking labels, include employee photos on LOTO tags, print very small, highly legible copy, and much more! The only 4” printer in the market with 4-color printing capabilities and an integral plotter cutter, reducing cost, time and waste!

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If you are interested in seeing our products, MAX can support through onsite demo or webinar!

Custom signage and labeling is often a necessary and expensive part of any business. However with the MAX Bepop system it is not necessary for it to be expensive! Printing custom labels and signs in-house with the MAX Bepop system can save you money by eliminating waste and decreasing purchasing costs.

The MAX Bepop CPM-100G5 is a new upgrade to the CPM-100G3U 203 DPI, 4” thermal transfer labeling system. It has virtually limited applications for signs and labels used anywhere. Manufacturing facilities, chemical plants, school districts, universities and medical campuses are all targets for the Bepop printers. Upgrades to this printer include new software that reads the tape and the ribbon rolls to make sure you have what you need for the job you are ready to print and reduces wasted consumables!

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The MAX LETATWIN LM-550A is a tubing and tape marking machine for wire and panel marking jobs. The LM-550A has an enhanced feeding and half-cutting system that provides you with marking speed at 1-1/2” (40mm) per second. Developed for maximizing productivity of wire marking job.

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