PTS is proud to offer you the products and services of our UL 508A Panel Shop to meet all your electrical, safety, and control panel needs. With the capability of producing up to 100 panels a month, our team is staffed and dedicated to providing you UL rated control and safety panel solutions. These panels come equipped with engineered drawings and designs to ensure the performance of the system matches the demands of your plant floor. Consistent layouts, wire color schemes, electrical drawings, and design ensure consistency, safety, and reliability in our products. Whether you need new or want to retrofit existing control, PTS has you covered. Contact us today for all your panel needs!

UL 508A Panel Certification

Our UL 508A certification means we’ve met or exceeded the UL’s assembly procedures, processes, and quality assurance requirements. This also means we can apply a UL label to your panel when necessary.


Precision Tools Service, Inc. is a full service controls solutions provider that designs and builds control panels to fit your every need. Our Manufacturing and Engineering experience prepare us to meet the ever-changing demands of an automated world while providing you with customized solutions built for success.

Our strengths in design, purchasing, building, testing, and support services ensure quality and provide an advantageous benefit to our customers. Our certifications and documentation validate our process, while the services and support gain and keep your trust. We look forward to showing you the advantages of partnering with PTS, not just to utilize our UL 508A Panel Shop, but for all your automation needs.


We are staffed and capable of producing control panels that span from OEM standards to one off complex solutions, and every combination in between.

  • Design and Build

  • Engineer and Produce Electrical Drawings

  • Build to Print

  • Custom Builds

  • OEM Standard Builds with Private Labeling

  • Installation

  • Integration

  • Turnkey Solutions

  • Retrofits and Upgrades

  • Technical Support

  • Customized Programming


We offer a variety of value-add services to complement the design and build process and ensure success on every project.

  • Installation Services

  • Integration Services

    • PLCs & HMIs
    • Motion & VFDs
    • Electric & Pneumatic Actuators
    • Robotics
    • Machine Control
    • Andon Systems &
    • Data Collection
  • Programming Services

    • Modifications
    • From Scratch Development
    • Troubleshooting
    • Field Service


Our continual support throughout the project ensures success and aids in our mission to gain our customers’ trust

  • Engineering Support

  • Installation Support

  • Integration Support

  • Programming Support

  • Product Support

  • On-Site and Start-Up Support

  • Post-Sale Support


Disciplined action produces quality results. At PTS, we adhere to a redundant Quality Assurance process. We meet UL 508A and NFPA Standards, provide Test Validation Documentation, and include all device paperwork within our panel solutions.

Quality Assurance Process

  • Individual Wireman

    • Wire Pull Testing
    • Component Verification
    • Device Tag Verification
  • Quality Department

    • Wire Pull Testing
    • Point to point testing
    • Power Up Testing
    • Simulation of Circuit Testing
    • Component and Device Tag Verification

Benefits of Outsourcing Control Panels

The thought of making your own control panels may sound like a smart business plan, but is it the best path to success? How hard could it really be? Keeping everything in house should give you more control over the process, make the project run more efficiently, and even produce a bigger profit, right? While many customers have given this a solid run, outsourcing is becoming more and more attractive throughout the industry, and here’s why…

Building a panel from start to finish is a time consuming, intricate, and ever changing process. From the moment a concept is approved, the clock starts ticking.

Design expertise, deadlines, project overload, labor shortages, and skilled workforce all impact the process of panel building and delivery. But what about the behind-the-scenes work that needs to be done before the actual build can begin?

  • Compiling the BOMs
  • Negotiating the best pricing
  • Ordering all the parts from multiple vendors
  • Tracking all the shipments
  • Receiving the parts
  • Ensuring deadlines are met and parts are correct
  • Inventorying the parts
  • Managing inventory
  • Assigning them to the job once in house
  • Notifying staff and updating schedules
  • Present to manufacturing when ready

Manufacturing Expertise

Outsourcing your control panel builds to a Single Source Panel Shop with a dedicated engineering and manufacturing team ensures the most up to date and efficient solution is provided. By continually adhering to standards and staffing personnel certified through UL, a control panel designed and built by a dedicated panel shop comes with years of experience, knowledge, and expertise. These panels are delivered on time, built and tested to required industry standards, and come with all validation documentation

Quality Assurance

Outsourcing your control panel builds to a UL 508A Certified Control Panel Manufacturer guarantees quality. Redundant processes are crucial in ensuring that the product is made correctly and both you and the customer are satisfied. From the design, through the build, and finalizing with testing, each step at a certified panel shop is redundantly checked and validated to ensure correctness. When the UL sticker is placed in the panel after testing, the benefit of outsourcing is maximized.

Standards & Certifications

Documentation is critical in the panel design and build process. Eliminating possibilities of unrecognized mistakes, finger pointing, and technical errors, while assuring functionality and safety are benefits of outsourcing to a dedicated, Single Source Panel Shop. Adhering to UL and NFPA standards throughout the process, throughout each department, ensures that you receive a quality product on time and a product you can stand behind.

Maximizing your benefits through outsourcing includes having the confidence your panel is built to a standard, processes are followed, and documentation is provided.

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