Introductory Pneumatic Training – December

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Introductory Pneumatic Training

Basic Pneumatics – SMC Hardware (2 Day)

Overview of basic Pneumatic components with a hands-on learning environment. The training panel covers various SMC components that will venture into circuit design and troubleshooting. Students will be able to learn practical pneumatic principles that they can use from day to day and expand their range of pneumatic knowledge and skills.

Topics Covered

  • Air supply and exhaust (pressure relief valve)
  • Speed control (meter-out speed control)
  • Buffering (air cushion)
  • Position detection (auto-switch)
  • Return to home and position hold (2 positions, single/double)
  • Emergency stop and stopping accuracy (various types of 3-position valves to double check block)
  • Lurch prevention (meter-in speed controller)
  • Balance pressure adjustment (regulator with back flow function)
  • Measure the min. operating pressure of the components (pilot type solenoid valves)
  • Effects of the piping length on actuation speed
  • Emergency stop and residual pressure relief (4-position dual 3-port valve)

Course Fee: $600.00 per person

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