Inside the PTS UL508A Panel Shop: Ensuring Quality and Safety

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Please take a look inside the PTS UL508A Panel Shop to learn more about the products and services we offer you!

Quality Products and Services

At Precision Tools Service we proudly provide the products and services of our UL 508A Panel Shop. We specialize in meeting all your electrical, safety, and control panel needs. Our dedicated team can produce up to 100 panels a month, all with UL-rated control and safety panel solutions. We adhere to a redundant Quality Assurance process that includes Individual Wireman, Wire Pull Testing, Component Verification, Device Tag Verification, and a Quality Department that handles power-up testing and simulation of circuit testing.

Safety First

We provide safety evaluations, risk assessments, stop-time measurements, and full safety circuit integration. Our turnkey safety systems include anything from safety fencing, machine guarding, and device-specific installation and integration, to component selection and technical support. Ensuring your staff and machines remain safe is our biggest priority.

Reliable Performance and Customized Solutions

Our panel designs come with engineered drawings to ensure that system performance meets your plant floor demands. Consistency in layouts, wire color schemes, and electrical drawings assures reliability in our products. As a full-service control solutions provider, we design and build control panels to meet your unique needs. Our Manufacturing and Engineering experience equip us to meet the demands of an automated world. We provide customized solutions, ensuring quality and providing an advantageous benefit to our customers.

Our Capabilities

Our team is capable of producing control panels that meet OEM standards, provide complex solutions, and offer combinations in between. We offer a variety of value-add services to complement the design and build process, ensuring success on every project. PTS offers continual support throughout the project, aiding in our mission to gain our customers’ trust. Our support services include engineering, installation, integration, programming, product, on-site, start-up, and post-sales support.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Control Panels

Outsourcing is becoming more and more popular in the industry and for good reasons. Building a panel from start to finish is a time-consuming, intricate process. Design expertise, deadlines, project overload, labor shortages, and skilled workforce all impact the process of panel building and delivery. Outsourcing to a UL 508A Certified Control Panel Manufacturer guarantees quality. Redundant processes are crucial in ensuring that the product is made correctly and both you and the customer are satisfied.

Upholding Standards & Certifications

Adhering to UL and NFPA standards throughout the process, throughout each department, ensures that you receive a quality product on time and a product you can stand behind. Whether you’re seeking new panels or need to retrofit existing controls, PTS has you covered. Our UL 508A certification is a testament to our adherence to assembly procedures, processes, and quality assurance requirements.

Reach out to PTS today for all your panel needs and let us show you the advantages of partnering with us. Thank you for exploring Inside the PTS UL508A Panel Shop!


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