Looking to Keep your Workplace Safe?

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Safety is paramount in any industrial setting. Ensuring the well-being of your employees and the protection of your valuable equipment is a responsibility we take seriously at Precision Tools Service (PTS). Our world-class safety services and solutions are designed to safeguard your facility and keep it running smoothly. Let’s get to it!

Comprehensive Safety Services

  1. Application Evaluations: We assess your existing safety measures, identify potential risks, and propose tailored solutions to address them.
  2.  Risk Assessments: We conduct comprehensive risk assessments to pinpoint potential hazards, enabling us to implement effective safety strategies.
  3. Machine Guards: PTS provides expertly designed and installed machine guards to protect operators from moving parts and potential accidents.
  4. Safety Fencing: Our fencing solutions are designed to prevent unauthorized access to hazardous areas.
  5. Stop Time Measurements: Knowing how quickly a machine can stop in an emergency is vital. PTS conducts precise stop time measurements to ensure safety systems react promptly.
  6. Safeguard Mounting & Installation: We ensure safety components are correctly mounted and integrated into your machinery.
  7. Safety Circuit Integration: Seamless integration of safety circuits is essential for effective hazard prevention. We specialize in integrating safety systems into your existing infrastructure.
  8. Turnkey Safety Systems: PTS offers complete turnkey safety systems, from safety fencing and machine guarding to component selection and technical support. We provide comprehensive solutions to meet your unique safety needs.

Common Solutions: Machine and Operator Safeguarding

Our safety solutions cover a wide range of devices and technologies, including the following: light curtains, area scanners, safety mats, interlock switches, monitoring relays, rope pulls, controllers, edges and bumpers, and PLCs. We also cover turnkey safety circuits to OSHA, ANSI, and European Safety Standards as well as enabling switches, operator control, perimeter guarding, point of operation guarding, pneumatic/hydraulic safety devices, and E-Stop devices.

PTS is your trusted partner in safety. We don’t just install safety measures; we ensure they remain effective and compliant with evolving standards. Contact us today to fortify your facility’s safety and keep it protected for years to come!


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Love the landscape and exterior environment

Kailtin Kelley

Over 30 years of experience and service that is unmatched in the industry.

Josh Acton

PTS is the best for industrial automation. Hirschmann and Lumberg!

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