For those whom are looking for source to buy metric SMC fittings, PTS has some METRIC/PT thread fittings for you to purchase in case of emergency or your machinery goes down for any amount of time.

Japanese Metric SMC Fittings Spec (METRIC/PT thread)

Fitting/Tube Stock List

Machines that come from Japan, or possibly outside of the United States, may have used METRIC/PT thread fittings.  These fittings are sometimes difficult to get replacement parts for in the United States.

We at Precision Tools Service have the following high quality items on hand at each of our branch offices in United States.  We provide these products for purchase in case of an emergency, or if your machinery goes down, for any amount of time, for any situations.

Metric SMC Fittings

Check out our list of products.  Reach out today to discuss how we can help!