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PTS is the Sole Omron Strategic Partner in the State of Michigan

Precision Tools Service (PTS) proudly stands as the exclusive Omron Strategic Partner throughout Michigan! But what does this mean? As a Strategic Partner, PTS has strong local Sales and Engineering teams dedicated to promoting Omron's products and technologies through their technical resources, marketing efforts, training and education, and solution-selling strategies.

Our commitment to excellence and innovation drives us to provide top-notch Michigan automotive automation solutions that can take your manufacturing capabilities to the next level. With access to over $1M worth of Omron inventory, profound Application Engineering proficiency, and a dedicated technical support team, we ensure that your business receives the support and expertise needed to thrive in the automotive sector.

This partnership ensures that you have access to industry-leading solutions designed to boost efficiency and productivity in your automotive operations.

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Omron's S8VK-X Switch Mode Power Supply

What strategies and technologies can we implement to predict and prevent equipment failures? Here is what Omron suggests for predictive maintenance.

Our recommendation: The Omron S8VK-X is an advanced DIN rail power supply designed to provide real-time monitoring of power supply life, voltage, current, and peak current. This built-in feature enables predictive maintenance on industrial equipment. With the ability to remotely monitor power supply health via EtherNet/IP, including important data like voltage, current, and peak current, the S8VK-X ensures timely identification of abnormal DC circuit issues. A success story from a large automotive manufacturer highlights the effectiveness of the S8VK-X in resolving issues with unplanned equipment stoppages. Overall, the S8VK-X offers a reliable solution to enhance productivity and minimize downtime in their operations. Contact PTS today so we can provide you with the support and expertise needed to thrive in the Michigan automotive sector!

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