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Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) provide a powerful solution for manufacturers looking to streamline production and boost efficiency. Utilize AMR technology to remove non-value added activities from the workflow and keep your lean manufacturing processes moving quickly!

As a a nationally recognized integrator of Omron AMR's, PTS has expertise in providing the most appropriate AMR solutions for your industrial automation needs, including the integration of autonomous mobile robots into existing systems. With PTS, customers can benefit from our extensive knowledge of advanced automation solutions for increased efficiency and safety.

PTS AMR Solutions

AMR Experts Joining Forces!

PTS's partnership with Omron has enabled us as a company to become experts in industrial automation and provide our customers with world-class solutions that can help streamline operations. Together, we have created powerful and reliable AMR solutions that are capable of efficiently executing various industrial tasks. Our team of experts are well-versed in Omron's technology, allowing us to provide clients with the best possible services for their automation needs. This level of specialization allows us to deliver optimal performance while minimizing costs and ensuring consistent quality across all applications.

In addition, they offer comprehensive after-sales service packages as well as training programs so that customers can get up and running quickly! For businesses looking to take advantage of AMR systems in their daily operations, Omron and PTS offer unbeatable solutions.


Automate Your Manufacturing Process

Gain a competitive advantage and reach your manufacturing goals with the assistance of our experienced team. Our specialized expertise will provide you with the AMR products and knowledge needed to dominate any industry!




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