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SMC Pneumatics, a key partner of Precision Tools Service (PTS), offers an extensive range of pneumatic components and solutions that revolutionize industrial automation. With a strong customer focus, SMC Pneumatics delivers products designed to meet the evolving needs of businesses across diverse industries.

At PTS, customer satisfaction is our primary goal, prompting us to form a unique partnership with SMC Pneumatics. Acknowledging the distinctive needs of every business, our team of automation specialists, engineers, and field service technicians employ their expertise to tailor solutions for clients. This involves working intimately with clients to comprehend their automation aspirations, providing personalized guidance, and integrating SMC Pneumatics' comprehensive product range into new or existing systems.

Our all-encompassing support encompasses installation, troubleshooting, maintenance, and training, guaranteeing seamless implementation and peak performance to fulfill automation objectives effectively.

Let's delve into the world of SMC Pneumatics and explore how their cutting-edge solutions optimize industrial processes.

SMC Pneumatics Solutions
SMC Pneumatics Solutions

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At SMC Pneumatics, innovation, and excellence are at the core of their product offerings. Their comprehensive range includes pneumatic actuators (cylinders), valves, air preparation equipment (filters, regulators, lubricators), fittings, tubing, and various control devices. These precision-engineered components are meticulously designed to control and manipulate the flow, pressure, and direction of compressed air, enabling precise and efficient automation in industrial processes.

Renowned for its exceptional reliability, SMC Pneumatics has carved a distinct niche in industrial automation with its energy-efficient systems that minimize downtime and boost productivity. In addition to providing individual components, SMC Pneumatics offers comprehensive solutions by integrating pneumatic components with electrical control systems. This advanced combination cultivates automated processes that cater to specific customer needs, underlining SMC's expertise in delivering tailored solutions that enhance performance and efficiency.

Looking for a specific part or solution to fit your application? Allow PTS and SMC to lead you in the right direction by utilizing our Configuration Tool!


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SMC Pneumatics products cater to diverse automation needs across a wide range of industries. Their solutions enhance precision, reliability, and productivity across various industrial processes, ensuring businesses stay competitive in a rapidly evolving landscape!




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