Why a FANUC Specialist is Essential for Your Automation Needs

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When it comes to industrial automation, a FANUC specialist is your secret weapon to success. Fanuc is a world leader in automation technology and having an expert who understands this tech can transform your operations. Our dedicated PTS team of Automation specialists, engineers, and field service technicians are ready to serve your company for all your robotic automation needs.

Here’s why we provide FANUC robotic services and why a specialist should be taken into consideration:

Superior Understanding of FANUC Systems

These systems are renowned for their versatility and sophisticated technology. A FANUC specialist:

  • Has an in-depth knowledge of  FANUC’s various robot models and control systems.
  • Understands the technical specifications and optimal applications for each system.
  • Can recommend the best products for your unique needs.

Expertise in Integration

A FANUC specialist isn’t just an expert in their products, they also have:

  • A deep understanding of how to integrate these products into your existing operations.
  • Experience in ensuring that the integration process is smooth and efficient.
  • The knowledge to resolve any issues that may arise during the integration process.

High-Level Programming Skills

Programming FANUC robots requires specialized knowledge. A specialist:

  • Is proficient in programming languages such as KAREL and Teach Pendant.
  • Understands the unique characteristics of the robots and how to optimize their functionality.
  • Can create custom programs to ensure your FANUC robots perform at their best.

Preventive Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Automation systems need regular maintenance to operate at their best. A specialist:

  • Can provide preventive maintenance to reduce the risk of system breakdowns.
  • Has the skills to troubleshoot and fix problems quickly and efficiently.
  • Understands the common issues with FANUC robots and how to prevent them.

Training and Support

A FANUC specialist doesn’t just set up your automation systems and leave you to it. They also:

  • Provide ongoing support and guidance.
  • Can train your staff on how to operate and maintain the systems.
  • Offer advice on how to optimize the use of your robots for maximum efficiency and productivity.

As you can see, a FANUC specialist is a valuable asset to have on your team. Whether it’s understanding the intricacies of the systems, integrating them into your operations, programming for optimal performance, or providing ongoing support, a  specialist is key to maximizing the benefits of your automation systems. Partnering with PTS ensures that you have access to a team of experienced FANUC specialists who can guide you through every step of your automation journey. Contact us today! 


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