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In the world of industrial automation, Omron Corporation shines as a global leader. Their forward-thinking automation solutions have set new benchmarks in manufacturing, propelling efficiency and quality to unprecedented levels. Omron's automation values embodies innovation, precision, and adaptability. It reshapes industries and empowers manufacturers to scale new heights. This is why PTS partnered with them to bring you the best of the best. We offer 30 years of experience, as we have the know-how to provide the best-fitting Omron AMR solutions for your industrial automation needs, and this includes blending autonomous mobile robots into your current systems.

Additionally, we offer professional installation services that guarantee fast turnarounds, allowing customers to enjoy an efficient solution from start to finish. With our wealth of knowledge and commitment to quality customer service, it’s no wonder why we are a nationally recognized solutions provider for all things industrial automation, and serve various locations.

As your Omron partner, PTS guides your business towards harnessing this transformative power. Explore how Omron's  automation solutions can elevate your operations!

Omron Automation Services
Omron Automation Services
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Elevate Your Operations with Omron Solutions

We understand the unique demands of the automotive sector:

Technical Product Support: Our team provides Omron technical support throughout the entire lifecycle of the Omron Products from before purchase to after-sales service.

Specialized Omron Solutions: Our expertise extends to various Omron solutions, including flexible manufacturing systems, conveyor and material handling automation, and robotic machine tending solutions. These solutions enable automotive manufacturers to adapt quickly to changing production needs, streamline assembly lines, and improve efficiency.

Application Evaluation Services: We offer application evaluation services to ensure that Omron solutions meet the specific requirements of automotive manufacturing processes. From vision system and sensor evaluations to programming support, we provide the technical expertise needed to optimize machine performance and enhance productivity.

Our commitment to excellence and innovation drives us to provide top-notch services for automotive manufacturers that can take your manufacturing capabilities to the next level!

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